Biomed Diagnostics Pte Ltd (part of Biomed Global) is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001 (since 2010), GDPMDS (since 2014) and ISO 13485 (since 2019). The quality system is maintained in order to meet both the ISO standard and the Health Product Act in Singapore.

The company has been independently assessed by SOCOTEC Certification Singapore Pte Ltd, which have achieved the accreditation from SAC Accreditation Certification Body.


All critical working processes are continuously monitored to secure documented evidence that the specified quality is achieved. In these areas, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest effectiveness and responsiveness in achieving our goal of total customer satisfaction, and all internal procedures and systems are of the highest standards.


Quality audits are carried out to verify that all activities comply with existing quality documentation and that the quality system is efficient and user-friendly. To maintain our certification and demonstrate our commitment to provide quality services and comply regulatory requirements, Socotec will perform annual audits to ensure compliance and to assess initiatives for continual improvement.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and we continuously challenge ourselves to improve our services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, while always complying with regulations and specifications.

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