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Utilizes the breadth of current media - from resin-containing Plus media, and Lytic to PEDs and special media for yeast, fungi or mycobacteria recovery - to support your different patient population

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Digital Health Emerging in Healthcare

Is digital health becoming a disruptive force in healthcare?

Tummy Tech Tracks Electrical Activity for Signs of Indigestion

Wearable stomach monitor could help salvage a technology largely abandoned by gastroenterologists

Slug Slime Inspires a New Type of Surgical Glue

Gelatinous slug slime inspired a new adhesive, which sticks strongly to wet surfaces such as a pig heart.

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4 May 2019

Distribution of Thermo Applied Biosystems Product

12 April 2018

18th Malaysia Congress and Exhibition on Allergy and Immunology

6 April 2018

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