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VERSA 10 Automated Workstation- Virus Detection

The VERSA 10 is a compact automated liquid handling machine that provides a versatile 6-position deck all in a footprint under 3 ft2. Utilizing air displacement pipetting technology, the system can handle volumes as low as 1µL. The 8-channel head with single-channel functionality provides flexibility to prepare anywhere between 1 to 96 samples. The VERSA 10 compact automated liquid handling instrument can be configured for multiple applications, including: qPCR and PCR Set-upSequencing Reaction Set-upNGS Library Normalization and PoolingNucleic Acid PurificationMicroarray SpottingImmuno and Biochemical AssaysCell-Based AssaysEnvironmental Sample PreparationGeneral Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, aliquoting, cherry picking

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