Mycoplasma Detection and Prevention Solution

Mycoplasma Detection and Prevention Solution

The PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit I/RT utilizes quantitative, real-time PCR (qPCR). It shows excellent sensitivity (detects approximately 10 mycoplasmas per sample volume) and specificity and allows to obtain reliable PCR results extremely fast (in "real time").

Thus, the kit is suited particularly well for routine testing/screening for mycoplasma contamination using cell culture supernatants.

It contains mycoplasma-specific probes and comes with Inhibition Control DNA as well as Positive Control DNA. Defined DNA standards for quantitative Real-Time PCR are available separately. 

PromoKine's Aquaguard-1 and Aquaguard-2 solutions for maintenance of water quality in ordinary water baths and CO2 incubators as well as our Mycoplasma-ExS Spray, PromoCidal Spray and Spore-EX Spray & Wipes for disinfection of laboratory surfaces (work benches, incubators etc.) reliably help you to prevent unwanted contamination in your cell culture lab.

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