UriSed 3

UriSed 3 is a professional automated urine sediment analyzer with a revolutionary new optical system combining bright-field and phase contrast microscopy. It offers a uniquely advanced method of visualization and recognition of formed elements in urine samples.

By automating the traditional gold standard method of sediment analysis it increases reliability, improves work-flow and decreases turnaround time. Working without any special liquid reagents UriSed 3 performs sample preparation, takes multiple images of each sample through a built-in microscope, and evaluates the images using the Auto Image Evaluation Module (AIEM), a high-quality image processing software.

The UriSed 3 microscopic urine sediment analyzer is a stand-alone instrument, which can be connected to the LabUMat 2 urine analyzer. Together, the two instruments make up a Complete Urine Laboratory System.

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